How to stock your self-defense cache on a budget

We have the right to defend our families from harm – this is the reason why the founders of the United States listed it in our constitution. Contrary to what the extreme political left might preach, guns are not the source of evil in this world. In the right hands, firearms can protect society from crumbling into chaos.

But building an arsenal is not cheap. In order to defend you and your loved ones from danger, you need to purchase guns that are of good quality. You can’t have your gun misfire during crucial moments.

We’ve listed some tips and suggestions on how to build your survival cache on a budget. (h/t to

  1. Buy used items, but know that you get what you pay for – sold for next to nothing, there is probably something wrong with it. It might be broken, stolen, fake, used in crime, or what have you. A good way to get a bargain is to know the fair price of the gun in question. Do your research. Know how much a new gun of the same model would cost and then deduct whatever premium you attach to the term “new.”
  2. Buy known commodities – You’re on a budget, so there’s no time to be fancy. Stick to guns that have name recall. This works well when browsing through used items as well. So, consider buying a Colt .45 automatic instead of the (admittedly cheaper) Spanish knock-off. One reason is that you’re more confident that the firearm will work. Another is that should worse come to worst, the gun would have higher resell potential.
  3. Develop a relationship with local dealers – There is leeway on how much gun shop owners and sellers can charge their customers. By building a relationship with a dealer, you will most likely be given discounts, especially if the dealer sees you to be a good customer. This is a great idea if you’re planning on building your arsenal over time.
  4. Buy military surplus – Buyers, beware. Some of the items you’ll find in military surplus sales can be over forty years old. This doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, merely that you have to take the time to sort and sift through the stock to find a really good firearm. When you find a surplus rifle that has obviously seen some service, make sure to check if the serial numbers on the rifle match. A lot of military surplus guns have been rebuilt so parts numbers can vary. If you intend to shoot with that gun, make sure the receiver and bolt numbers match.

Remember that you don’t have to impoverish yourself to build a decent gun arsenal. That being said, you have to compromise on a few things – convenience, for example. Often, building a gun cache on a budget requires you to do a lot of research.

Debunking a few gun myths

You’ve heard it all before, and all the more recently with today’s recent public school shootings. Left-wing snowflakes are calling for stricter gun control laws and sneer at President Trump’s suggestion to have more people carry concealed firearms. (Related: 98% of mass shootings occur in “gun-free zones” … why do gun control loonies refuse to protect their own children?)

Yet the truth is, people who have concealed carry permits are normally law-abiding citizens who have prevented several mass murders from happening in the public. In fact, states that have stricter gun control laws have higher gun homicide rates than states that allow their citizens to carry concealed weapons. The states that don’t have right-to-carry laws suffer from violent crime rates 11 percent higher than national averages.

We have to acknowledge that there are other factors involved in why there are so many public shootings, guns not being one of them. We still deserve our right to build our survival cache and protect our families.

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