Crime Prevention Research Center: Uncovering a fraud on mass public shootings

This past week we had some success. For those who don’t remember, Adam Lankford’s claims that 31% of mass public shooters in the world have been in the United States received truly massive worldwide news coverage.

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For years after his study’s release to the media in 2015, the New York Times and Washington Post regularly cited his claim. That is, the press cited it up until I released our research last fall — at that point they stopped mentioning it. Despite years of media attention, Lankford kept refusing to release his list of mass public shootings (our video on Lankford’s work is available here).

This past week, Carl Moody, our research director, and I published our paper on Adam Lankford’s false claims in a journal. Thankfully, our publication finally forced Lankford to release what he claims is his list of cases. And as we suspected, there was a good reason that Lankford hid his list from the media and other researchers. Get ready for round 2 soon.

There is another project that we have just started working on. Anyone who follows discussions on gun ownership across countries in the media or journals has heard of the Small Arms Surveys. Nothing is firm yet, but there are lots of red flags, just as there was with Lankford. A major one is their unwillingness to say where they obtained almost 90% of their data.

Five op-eds were published over the last two weeks, covering everything the push by Democrats in Pennsylvania to register long guns, the problems with “Red Flag” laws, our work on crime by illegal aliens in a discussion about Trump’s threat to close the Mexican border, and the Democrats new push to have felons vote while they are in prison.

The debate that I did on The Red Elephants YouTube channel was an effort to reach out to a younger audience that doesn’t watch the news, but it wasn’t much of a debate. While the young man that I debated started strongly for gun control, he ended up agreeing with me on many issues.

We could be spending full-time putting together clips on how biased television shows are against gun ownership, though I do much appreciate those who write me to point out examples.

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