Why people love the Smith and Wesson Model 10

For some, it might be hard to purchase a gun that has been produced since the 1800s versus a newer, more technologically-advanced firearm. However, when it comes to the Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolver, the choice is clear – this is a weapon that you should definitely get your hands on.

Considering the fact that production of the Model 10 began in 1899, it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that this particular firearm has quite a long and interesting history. The Model 10 started out as a variation on other double-action revolvers that were manufactured by Smith and Wesson but chambered for what was then the new .38 Special cartridge. As the years went on, the Model 10 went through several small changes, but as The Survivalist Blog argued early last month, the Model 10 remains one of the most reliable and inexpensive firearms on the market.

“I feel the versatility of the Model 10 is not just in the fact that it is so easy to use and maintain,” wrote The Survivalist Blog. “Many who either aren’t ‘gun’ people or are new to firearms would benefit from a revolver like this one. How many times have you been asked some variation of the ‘I need something cheap but works’ question from a novice gun person?”

The website explained that the grip angle of the Model 10 is great for novice gun owners, and that the handling is almost instinctual. While the recoil isn’t bad at all to begin with, if you decide to use a grip like the Pachmayr to replace the checkered wood grips that the Model 10 typically comes with, the recoil will be reduced even more. In addition, the rear notch sight on the Model 10 is large enough for you to easily see even in low light, and the trigger has been improved countless time over the years. Needless to say, this firearm is easier than most to shoot.

As far as accessories are concerned, there’s really not much you can’t do when it comes to the Model 10. Speedloaders will cost you roughly $9.00, which is a clear financial advantage compared to magazines, most of which start at $20.00 each. Additionally, it’s worth noting that ammunition for revolvers is not nearly as hard to get your hands on compared to semi-automatics, which is particularly advantageous for preppers and survivalists getting ready for a potential SHTF situation. (Related: Here’s how to stay safe and defend your bugout location when SHTF.)

Of course, the Model 10 isn’t the only firearm that you should consider purchasing, especially if you are a prepper. In 2016, AskAPrepper.com published a list of the Top 10 SHTF Firearms, some of which were handguns, and others were long guns and rifles. The full list included the following:

  • S&W 686/585 357 Magnum – This gun has an excellent reputation for quality and can fire the cheaper 38 Special ammunition.
  • Rossi M92 – A lever action rifle that is reliable and makes a good defensive weapon.
  • Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun – An overall excellent shotgun capable of taking down everything from small and medium game to hostile humans.
  • AR-15 The AR 15 is a popular rifle that is reliable, lightweight, easy to shoot and affordable.
  • Glock 19 – Glocks are accurate, easy to find and affordable, and notably, the Glock 19, in particular, is as easy to fire as a full-sized handgun.
  • Kel Tec Sub 2000 – A pistol caliber rifle that lacks the range of traditional rifles but has the ability to fold in half for easy transportation.
  • Ruger 10/22 – The Ruger 10/22 is recommended because of its widely available parts and magazines. It is accurate, lightweight and easy to shoot.
  • H&R Topper Shotgun – A smaller, single-barreled shotgun that may not be the perfect defensive weapon, but is ideal for hunting in a survival situation.
  • Mossberg MVP – A bolt gun that can accept affordable AR-15 magazines.
  • Thompson Encore Rifle – A single shot rifle that is capable of taking a number of different barrels and calibers.

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