After banning InfoWars, Shopify e-commerce platform yanks the carpet out from under Franklin Armory, a popular firearms accessories manufacturer

The massive censorship purge against pro-liberty innovators took another horrific leap today as Shopify, an e-commerce shopping cart provider, suddenly announced it’s dropping Franklin Armory and all other firearms accessories manufacturers, citing changed in its “Acceptable Use Policy” (AUP).

“The new AUP was presented without warning and included a definition of ‘Restricted Items’ to include flash suppressors, threaded barrels, pistol grips and even magazines larger than 10 rounds,” warns a press release from Franklin Armory.

The press release states, “Shopify is interfering with Franklin Armory’s lawful interstate commerce.”

Online business infrastructure providers are now targeting conservatives for economic sabotage

It’s an exploding problem across the ‘net, where business infrastructure providers like Shopify, MailChimp and Disqus engage in hate-driven economic sabotage activities to destroy businesses and entire industries they believe are tied to their political opponents. Many people believe such discriminatory actions violate federal law and may subject such companies to both civil and criminal prosecutions.

Aside from that, it’s just plain wrong.

“History is replete with examples of discriminatory practices employed against various societal segments,” says Franklin Armory President Jay Jacobson. “In almost every case, our nation has legislated equal protection for those segments to prevent unfair practices and discrimination.”

Jacobson urges Congress to “act soon to provide equal protection to all businesses” and warns that financial market will suffer turmoil if such protections are not enshrined into law.

Franklin Armory is best known for its Binary Firing System triggers that allow a round to be fired on both the trigger pull and trigger release. BFS triggers are crucial for the self-defense of individuals who may be facing large, organized gangs of violent people such as Antifa terrorists, who have proven themselves to be violent attackers of peaceful demonstrators.

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