If “gun-free zones” actually worked, then 98% of mass shootings wouldn’t happen in them

A popular mantra of the gun control lobby contends that the more “gun-free zones” we implement as a society, the safer everyone will be from gun violence. But statistics show that virtually all mass shootings throughout history have occurred in places where guns were prohibited, which once again proves that gun-free zones don’t actually work as anti-gun activists often claim.

Since 1950, in fact, a whopping 97.8 percent of mass public shootings, or 98 percent rounded up, took place in areas where signs had been posted indicating that guns were not allowed there. Whether spelled out or designated with a giant red strikethrough symbol over a handgun, the messaging was clear in almost every instance: guns are prohibited in this area, so you’re not allowed to shoot anyone here.

But as with all other laws that criminals choose to break, gun-free zones have never actually stopped active shooters from storming them and shooting up the place. In fact, gun-toting criminals prefer gun-free zones to commit their atrocities because they know that law-abiding citizens won’t be able to intervene as they otherwise would be in “zones” where carrying a gun is allowed.

Using the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois, as a pertinent example, the visible gun-free zone emblem on the doors of the Henry Pratt Company failed to stop the active shooter in this instance from murdering five people on the premises.

“The business where the tragedy occurred … posted conspicuous signage banning guns from their facility,” explains John Boch for The Truth About Guns. “Of course, that did little to stop a deranged felon from packing his illegal gun illegally. And shooting and killing people. Illegally.”

“The sign merely kept all law-abiding good guys from bringing their legal guns in so they could defend themselves and other innocent people,” Boch adds.

For more news about how gun control and gun-free zones have never stopped criminals from shooting people, be sure to check out GunControl.Fetch.news and Guns.news.

Crime Prevention Research Data shows that criminals intentionally choose gun-free zones to commit horrific crimes

Think for a moment about what you would do if you were a criminal hellbent on shooting and killing people. Would you pick a place where there were likely to be law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms as protection, or would you choose a place like a public school, say, or a government building where guns are forbidden?

If you were a smart criminal, you would probably choose the latter – and many criminals, indeed, choose such places, hence why 98 percent of gun violence cases take place in gun-free zones. It’s simple logic, but somehow the gun-hating Left is unable to get it through their dense skulls that banning guns only strengthens and emboldens criminals, who won’t follow the law regardless.

Keep in mind that every single mass school shooting that’s taken place in recent memory, including the Sandy Hook tragedy and even the Pulse nightclub shooting, was a designated gun-free zone. Not only was it illegal to murder people in such places, but it was also illegal to carry firearms there – but that didn’t stop criminals from committing these crimes anyway.

And that’s the rub, here. No matter how many anti-gun posters you put up for “safety,” criminals are going to disregard them. And no matter how many laws you implement to ban the purchase and carry of firearms, criminals are going to find a way to buy them and keep them on their persons regardless.

“The bottom line: Avoid places where magical signs and wishful thinking prohibit law-abiding people from carrying the proven deterrence of cold steel,” Boch concludes. “The life you save could be your own.”

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