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Guns save lives. It’s a fact that March For Our Lives drones and other gun-hating leftists would be remiss to ever admit, but it’s undeniably true.

During a recent episode of Relentless, an NRATV program hosted by Dana Loesch and available for viewing at, we see yet another example of how a lawfully-owned firearm prevented children from being massacred by a gun-toting criminal.

The incident reportedly took place in Titusville, Florida, where a shooter stormed a public school campus during a back-to-school event and tried to shoot up students, their parents, and teachers. But this potential mass shooting was stopped by someone else who was concealed carrying.

“More news that the CNNs of this world don’t believe is worth reporting because it defies their narrative: Guns save lives,” Loesch stated about this heroic endeavor.

“I say this all the time, and we have another instance of a good guy with a gun that saves the day. This time, it’s a lawfully-armed bystander who shot a man that was firing a weapon after a fistfight during a back-to-school event in Titusville, Florida.”

Be sure to watch the full segment below, which contains video footage of the shooting being stopped as it was taking place:

If David Hogg was in charge, many children and their parents in Titusville may have been murdered

Because Florida is a “stand your ground” state, many people like the guy who stopped this attempted mass shooting carry concealed firearms that they hold close in the event of an emergency. Were the laws more aligned with the wishes of people like David Hogg, however, dozens of people, children and adults alike, could have been murdered during this horrific incident.

“The bystander, a licensed gun owner, got him and put a stop to what could have been a far more deadly situation,” Loesch explains. “I was promised that situations like this would result in shootouts between civilians that would cause even more casualties. And yet, amazingly, the only person that was injured was the criminal that came back and fired his gun at the event.”

So once again, we see clear evidence that the Second Amendment exists for a reason. Law-abiding citizens must maintain their right to protect themselves and others, because everyone should know that criminals don’t follow the law anyway, including “gun-free zones” and other attempts at restricting access to firearms.

“Same question as always for those anti-gun advocates: Was this situation made better or made worse by the presence of a lawfully-owned and carried firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen? A simple question, and they know the answer. They just don’t like it,” Loesch adds.

March For Our Lives pushing for gun control ahead of midterms

One would think that gun control advocates would pay attention to incidents like this and rethink their entire philosophy of trying to restrict gun ownership. Instead, they’re busy pushing for aggressive gun control measures ahead of the upcoming midterm elections as they encourage the young and gullible to get out and vote for gun control candidates.

“It’s important to constantly remind the youth in this country that if young people in their community went out to vote, they can actually sway any election so long as they get involved,” stated March For Our Lives co-founder and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Jaclyn Corin during a recent on-campus push for gun control.

“Our hope is to have the largest voter turnout in history this November, and I truly believe that’s going to become reality,” Corin added.

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