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The same far-left lunatics who are constantly ranting and raving about conservatives supposedly “fear-mongering” about illegal aliens and the shredding of our native culture by foreign invaders never seem to shut up with their own fear-mongering about guns and firearms.

During a recent episode of NRATV‘s “Relentless,” available for viewing at, host Dana Loesch discusses two recent hysteria incidents in which the left went nuts over the mere display of gun-related imagery.

The first occurred at Lodi High School in Northern California, where a young girl was lectured and kicked out of class by her leftist teacher simply for wearing an NRA t-shirt bearing an image of an American flag made out of ammunition shells.

“What is it with the far left and their fear of shirts?” asks Loesch, who’s dealt with more than her fair share of abuse at the hands of gun-hating leftists.

“We brought you a story a few months ago about a guy getting the police called on him because he wore a t-shirt that just had an AR-15 printed on the front. And then the Newseum was rage-mobbed into oblivion … (and forced into removing) ‘fake news’ t-shirts from their stores. Now, a girl was kicked out of a class because she wore a t-shirt that hurt someone’s feelings. In this case, it was an NRA shirt.”

Leftist paranoia about guns is ushering in Hitler-style fascism

According to reports, the girl was humiliated by her leftist teacher, resulting in her mother speaking to the local news about how the teacher is “there to teach,” and not “to discuss his personal beliefs.”

“So the student is kicked out of class and lectured about the shirt because they said, well it shows weapons,” Loesch commented. It doesn’t actually show a weapon. It showed the flag, artistically rendered with shotgun shells. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

Leftists are trying their hardest to make America’s children PETRIFIED of guns

The other incident involved the niece of pop icon Britney Spears, who was seen in a social media photo holding, gasp, a rifle. The “social justice mob,” as Loesch calls it, was quick to pass judgment against the girl and her family, decrying all use of firearms by children.

“Critics said things like … ‘a girl should never carry a shotgun or learn to kill animals,'” Loesh reveals.

“These people genuinely want kids to be afraid of guns. They want them to be terrified of guns. They want them to associate guns with murder. They want them to associate any kind of outdoor activity, apparently, with murder.”

In Loesch’s view, this leftist way of thinking about guns is “asinine” and “completely uneducated.”

“I worry about that individual if they have children, their ability to actually raise children of their own, or any influence around any young, impressionable minds,” she says about anyone who believes that guns are evil and that children should never touch them.

“The idea that you’re going to shame people for teaching about firearm education and safety is one of the reasons why we’re in the position that we are in.”

The solution to gun violence, according to Loesch, is to educate children and people in general, which includes teaching them how to properly use firearms so that they’re not afraid of them.

“They’re scaring children to the point where believing that a gun is going to walk in and shoot people all on its own, and they talk about ‘gun culture’ – but the real culture that is being trained into the next generation is fear: anti-gun and fear,” Loesch says.

“They’re telling them … you’re not strong enough or smart enough to defend yourself or anyone else, and this is an inanimate object that’s going to completely defy the laws of physics and reality, and go out and act on its own. I think it’s abusive to teach children fear.”

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