NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch calls out Sheriff Israel’s “cheap shot” against her

Back in February, National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch participated in a Town Hall put together by CNN where she was heckled, threatened, and even told by fake news talking head Jake Tapper to leave the venue with an escort for her own safety – all for merely speaking out in defense of the Second Amendment following the tragic school shooting in Florida.

Watch at as Loesch, appearing alongside Fox News‘ Sean Hannity just one day later, reveals all that she went through while trying to speak at the CNN event, which featured “March for Our Lives” icon Emma Gonzalez, and corrupt Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

“It was pretty chaotic, and it started before I even got up on stage to talk,” stated Loesch, likening the environment to a boxing match in which she entered the “ring” to shouting, screaming, and all sorts of other commotion.

Loesch says she agreed to attend, not as a paid spokesperson for the NRA, but as a parent and legal gun-owner who simply wanted to set the record straight that the Second Amendment is not responsible for mass shootings such as the one at Parkland.

“We didn’t do anything,” she’s seen in the video explaining to Hannity, who himself is also a parent and legal gun-owner.

“Why is it that we are held responsible when here, just as you mentioned, just today we learned that the sheriff’s office – here you have a deputy who waited up to four minutes before they went in – and, Sean, we also found out it was reported this morning that the parents had reported this murderer to police before … where they said, they told police, he has threatened people with a gun before, he has held a gun to others’ heads.”

Sheriff Israel has betrayed his oath to serve and protect, and should resign

As Loesch was being grilled by a rude and condescending Gonzalez, as well as the unruly mob behind and all around her that continued to interrupt her at the CNN event, Sheriff Israel made sure to pipe in as well with his own anti-gun comments. He also insinuated that Loesch is some kind of paid lobbyist, taking a “cheap shot” that Loesch was quick to counter in the days that followed.

“I’ve been a Second Amendment supporter and an NRA lifetime member for a long time,” says Loesch. “It was wrong, and he has questions to answer because he’s trying to cover his backside.”

All of this egging on and support for the unruliness of the anti-gun mob present at the CNN event created a situation in which Loesch was called a host of vile names. She was also threatened with violence, which is more than a little bit ironic considering the anti-gun, anti-violence labeling of the event.

“I was called a ‘see you next Tuesday,’ they said ‘burn her,’ ‘murder her’ – I heard a lot of ‘murder hers’ – and then they … chanted ‘shame’ as I walked out, and I did not, I looked at every single person,” Loesch told Hannity.

The whole thing was quickly escalating to the point of becoming an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, Loesch joked with Hannity, with chairs flying everywhere. But it certainly wasn’t a joke what was actually happening there, especially towards the end of it all.

CNN should have let their cameras go because that was the money shot they wanted, I’m sure,” Loesch emphasized. “People tried to rush the stage. There was a woman who rushed the stage. And at one point Jake Tapper said, turned and looked at me and said, ‘do you have an escort? You need to get out of here right now.'”

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