Mainstream media complicit in conspiracy to defraud America (for gun control)

The process of  causing political change, including overthrowing an existing system of government, by means of subversive actions that create false perceptions supporting the change, is a form of fraud.

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Fraud consists of some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him an injury. Black’s Law 2nd Edition [author’s underline]

Americans are in the dangerous situation where traditional channels for competition in ideas and presentation of facts related to widely reported events have been compromised. We now have, instead, simulations of the former systems of independent and competing sources of information, including facts and ‘news;’ the simulation has surreptitiously replaced the former 4th estate establishing an institutionalized system of deception and fraud. The honest and concerned reader can verify this by just considering the ownership of mainstream media

Fact: A thing done; an action performed or an Incident transpiring; an event or circumstance; an actual occurrence. Black’s Law 2nd Edition

Fact vs. Truth: The terms “fact” and “truth” are often used in common parlance as synonymous, but as employed in reference to pleading, they are widely different. A fact in pleading is a circumstance, act, event, or incident; a truth is the legal principle, which declares or governs the facts and their operative effect. Black’s Law 2nd Edition

The problem for Americans intent on living in the nation of their birth, and under the protections of the Constitution for the United States of America, is to acquire an understanding of how extensively information such as history, science, social theory, and current events, presented from primary school forward, are tightly and deliberately controlled. Further, this taught, and culturally absorbed knowledge is supported and parroted by nearly all sources of publicly available information, including essentially all media with almost no dissention or competing explanation heard.

Science and history, social theory and the rest are taught and presented in public forums as absolute truth, with no recognized or authoritative body of dissention. Even current events have narratives repeated nearly word for word by a lockstep media without challenge or criticism from any quarters of the powerful and monopolistic media or other authorities in positions to do so.

The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.”   – Jean de La Bruyere (1645-1696)

This situation is only possible when all information is controlled by a very few organizations which are all subordinate to only one, overall, agenda. Today’s information is not from competitive sources and it is not especially concerned about any real truth or attachment to physical reality –rather it’s a bubble of political reality, which has been blown up like dome separating people from physical reality. Perceptions are managed; definitions have been changed, slowly, and deceptively, until truth is whatever we are told it is.

This deception is made more difficult to discover because of its extensive, nearly exhaustive deployment.

Fabricated history taught in grade school is supported and reinforced by Hollywood, TV shows, TV news, cable channels, national newspapers, magazines, video, radio, and podcasts. What does not meet the standards for normalization into this indoctrinated reality is scrubbed, taken down, pulled, and erased. To understand this better, research the recent take down of tens of thousands of YouTube videos and hundreds of YouTube channels because they do not support the ‘Simulation’ version of reality. YouTube is just one of the controlled channels of information that is actively censoring alternative views of this political reality; all controlled channels are actively censoring in real time.

Examples of Mainstream Media’s Complicity in Fraudulent Information Regarding Recent So-called Mass Shootings for Purposes of Disarming America.

The mainstream media in unison is involved in a massive deception and substantive subversion with intent to change the existing form of government and forcibly removing the best weapons of self-protection from Citizens.

In support of this deception and the conspiracy of fraud being committed by the centrally controlled ‘mainstream’ media, The Washington Post recently published an article, appearing to be a work in progress, as it was last updated after the ‘shooting’ at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, called “The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting.”

On latest the version of the article, we are presented with a graphic and iconic image in the form of silhouettes of 58 people, apparently all adults of varying physical appearances, sizes and sex – above with the headline “58 people killed at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.”

The article continues with “The places change, the numbers change, but the choice of weapon remains the same. In the United States, people who want to kill a lot of other people most often do it with guns.”

To put mass murder using guns into prospective, let’s refer to numbers calculated by the Heritage Foundation (this is easy research, anyone, including the Washington Post could do it) “Mass killings are very rare, accounting for only 0.2 percent of homicides every year and approximately 1 percent of homicide victims.”

Now let’s talk about other forms of killing people that do not involve guns.

According to the same study mentioned above:

      • In 1973, an arsonist killed 32 and injured 15 at the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans.
      • In 1987, a disgruntled former airline employee killed 43 people after he hijacked and intentionally crashed a passenger plane.
      • In 1990, an angry ex-lover burned down the Happy Land social club where his former girlfriend worked, killing 87 others in the process.
      • In 1995, 168 people were killed and more than 600 injured when allegedly a truck bomb exploded where it was parked outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.**
      • In 2017, a man in New York City killed eight and injured 11 by renting a truck and plowing down pedestrians on a Manhattan bike path.
      • The Bath School disaster, sometimes known as the Bath School massacre, which took place on May 18, 1927 in Bath Township, Michigan. It was there that 38 elementary school children and six adults were killed, and another 58 people were injured. This school ‘killing’ is still the worst school murder in American history * (added to list by author)

** Later it was learned it was not the truck bomb that caused loss of life, but the building had been setup internally (wired) for detonation – this was another attack on America by operatives working within US and other intelligence services.

Before leaving the topic of mass murders done with guns, let’s not ignore the fact that 97.8% of the claimed mass ‘shootings’ in America, were done in a GUN FREE ZONE, meaning an area where guns are already prohibited by Law.

The Washington Post article continues by lumping together numerous alleged ‘mass shootings’ to form the total number killed since 1966  – the number is just 1091. To rephrase, that is one thousand and ninety-one deaths over 52 years – roughly 1.75 deaths per month or only 0.05 deaths per day. In terms of things causing significant loss of life, which are preventable, this number is comparably negligible. Focusing on 2016 gun deaths, a year where gun deaths were higher than average, we note there were 1,604 people killed with “knives or cutting instruments. That is more people killed in one year than in all alleged mass school shootings over 52 years.

The Washington Post attempts disconnect the reader’s brain from the perspective of the information being presented. By using the Mass in their examples of shootings, where say more than say 6 people were shot and killed, you are told it is massive, but you are likely to subconsciously equate the word massive with much larger numbers and therefore believe the number of deaths averaged over years is also large, but it’s just not true. In the article, the Post notes the largest number of people allegedly shot and killed in a ‘mass shooting’ is 58. Tragic as that is, when taken with the broader picture provided by the numbers of these types of tragedies over 52 years, we can now see this number is really very small, given that over 1600 people were killed with ‘cutting instruments’ in just 2016 alone. Are these ‘cutting instruments’ deaths less important than someone allegedly killed with gun?

Using just deaths in 2016 as a gauge, counting over 52 years, that would be 83,000 deaths by ‘cutting instruments’; much larger than 1091 killed in ‘mass shootings’, but relative to the population even that is still a very small number.

The Washington Post’s article is clearly focused on the political agenda to remove weapons from Americas, but the reason is not because a lot of people are dying in so-called ‘mass ‘shootings, the real reasons are yet to be discovered, although history does provide some answers.

In the case of the big four shootings mentioned in the article, the focus is on the rifle, something the entire gun agenda focuses on, particularly the Assault Rifle and a common form called an AR-15 and similar weapons of self-protection. To get an idea how few deaths each year can be attributed to rifles of any kind lets go back to 2016 data.

In 2016, about 374 people were shot and killed with rifles of any kind according to the FBI, not just Assault Rifle style semi-automatic weapons, while in the same year 650+ people died in fistfights.

Most of the deaths caused by guns of any kind are from suicide. Suicide is in economic terms highly inelastic; requirements to modify the means of committing this act do not significantly affect the number of suicides. In 2016, suicides were responsible for 66% of the homicides by guns and by calculation boils down to 39 Assault Rifles used in suicide or 0.1% of suicides using Assault Rifle

Therefore, clearly this agenda is spending a lot of money on causes that will not result in noticeably any fewer people dying each year. Why?

Continuing with the Washington Post article:

The Guns Involved

Because the Post’s article is a political piece created to promote the underlying subversive agenda of the media and the controllers behind the media, it moves quickly to the type and legality of the guns involved.

The Post claims 295 total guns were brought to the mass shootings (some shooters brought more than one,) and of those 167 ‘legally obtained’ weapons and 52 ‘illegally obtained’ and the other 76 they just do not know how there were obtained. Legality of ownership is a very fluid definition; it changes often and is not consistent with the Supreme Law of the land’s definition of Lawful ownership of a self-defense gun weapon. According to the Constitution, which is incorporate in all State Constitutions, the right to keep and bear Arms “shall not be infringed.” The standard definition of infringement is:

The action of limiting or undermining something –

Next, the article explores the type of Guns used and it’s here we sense the mission of the agenda and the intent of the article as the topic moves to alleged ‘mass shootings’ where the largest number of casualties occurred and done using the weapon most discussed in disarm America propaganda – the semi-automatic “Assault Rifle.” Ominously sounding rifle by classification, but it’s just another rifle, the same in every way to any other rifle except for options available to make the weapon more practical in varying situations.

As I mentioned before, rifles in general do not figure significantly in the number of deaths each year caused by firearms. Looking at 2014 for example we see, according to the FBI, rifles involved in just 248 deaths and of those approximately 29 were AR-15 weapons.

The Washington Post now begins by claiming Semiautomatic rifles “were used in some of country’s most deadliest shootings,” and then names these shootings as:

      • Newtown (Sandy Hook School Shooting)
      • Orlando (The Pulse nightclub shooting)
      • San Bernardino (The center for people with developmental disabilities shooting)
      • Las Vegas (The Las Vegas Massacre)

By claiming the events shown above were actually organic shootings, that is shootings which happened without government and other third-party assistance, the Washington Post has committed an act of deception and hence fraud as I shall show.

It is no coincidence that article looked to the above list of ‘shootings’ to make claims about the how important it is to ‘control’ access to Assault Rifles, as we will see.

Having listed the Sandy Hook School Shooting first presents us with an opportunity to talk about one source of significant deception and hence fraud in the article under discussion.

I believe I can say without research to support, the Sandy Hook School Shooting is the most researched shooting in recorded history. With this research has come a gigantic body of evidence supporting the claim and hence bringing it to the level of fact, the shooting was not real it was staged, a two-day FEMA drill acted out at a closed school in Newtown Connecticut for purposes of supporting an obsessive and likely dangerous agenda to disarm Americans.

It is Sandy Hook that presents the easiest path to learning about staged school shootings and where one can see the clearest evidence, including ‘proofs’ discovered and made public. It is by examining the Sandy Hook shooting the honest, interested in facts, truth seeker should begin when it comes to understanding the nature of a faked shooting and most importantly – why the faked mass-shooting was carried out; establishing a motive supports the case against any defendant. After seeing the evidence it’s then possible to understand why claiming these ‘mass shootings’ are deceit and fraudulent. It is also easy to understand why no mainstream media will permit a widely disseminated examination of the findings of the alternative investigators. In fact, it is the goal of the Washington Post and all mainstream media to conspire to protect and persist the deceptive version of the ‘mass shooting’ story to which they were a party in its creation.

The implications in this case are dreadful, as they mean an established, long accepted as trustworthy news organization, is lying to support disarming the American population, despite the Constitution’s (Law of the land) protections, under the law, of the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. This can only be seen as an attempt to deceive Americans for purposes of changing the form of government (because disallowing possession and ownership of weapons, without a Constitutional change in the Bill of Rights through amendment, invalidates the Constitution – meaning all other protections are as easily dismissed by any color of law.

For those wishing to read and see the evidence, I refer you to the many documents provided at the end of this chapter.

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